Ombuds Services: Your first stop, your last resort, and everything in between.

Ombuds Services is a no-barrier, first-stop for UNM employees, their co-workers, and graduate students seeking guidance, information, and insight from a trusted, skilled neutral in a setting that is confidential, independent, and informal.

Organizational ombuds around the world engage in constructive problem-solving toward the goal of instilling respect, civility, and justice in communities, organizations, and professional relationships.

Schedule A Visit

  • We are glad to serve UNM employees, their co-workers, and graduate students by Zoom, phone, or in-person. 
  • To schedule your confidential visit with an ombuds, please email us at

UNM Ombuds Services

  • Conducts professional development, coaching, and facilitation to support productive collaboration within the UNM community
  • Empowers people to overcome barriers that stand in the way of reaching our full potential and shared goals
  • Complements and supplements traditional HR, legal, compliance, union, and academic channels
  • Supports a culture of engagement at UNM that can save costs and improve productivity


View the 2023 Ombuds Services Annual Report.